What is Scuba-Doo?

Scuba-Doo scooter is a self-propelled diving vehicle which had primarily been designed in Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef as well as for diving initiations. Scuba-Doo can be considered as a submarine scooter or for short a sub-scooter. Just as you would drive a scooter on the road, you can drive your scooter, not on the sea surface but underwater! It is powered by a Gel-Cell battery which means that it is very eco-friend, no fuel and oil spilling in the sea. All navigation functions are by hands and it is much easier than a conventional road scooter because underwater there is no road traffic regulation to be stressed about. With Scuba-Doo you just relax, drive and enjoy! Best of all, you do not need a licence to drive it!
During Scuba-Doo dive breathing air supply is continuously renewed in the dome from a scuba tank.

What make Scuba-Doo different ?

  • You are the pilot of the submarine scooter
  • You do not have to wear any snorkeling gear
  • You do not have to bear the weight of a heavy air tank on your back
  • You do not need to be a swimmer to participate. This equipment was designed for non-swimmers and non-divers.
  • Even if you suffer from mild physical disabilities, you can do it
  • You can wear your hat, contact lens or glass because your face and head will not be submerge
  • Scuba-Doo is so easy that we accept youngster from 8 years
  • No need for previous diving experience
  • No lengthy courses, so you get underwater sooner.
  • Please be assure that, at the depth where Scubadoo dive takes place, there is absolutely no risk of bends (Decompresion sickness).

Scuba-Doo Security

Your Dive Instructor will show you the safety techniques of the Scuba-Doo, and you'll be off enjoying yourself in just a few minute. Though you will be the pilot of your sub-scooter, you will be constantly monitored by professional divers who will guide you during the dive. Your Scuba-Doo is attached to a floating buoy (Blue and White Alpha Flag Colours) for position monitoring by skippers from the mother boat.
Scuba-Doo operates under strict Mauritian, MSDA and PADI health and safety guidelines and policies for Scuba Diving. See conditions here

The Dive

After a briefing from the dive instructor, you will get seated on your Scuba-Doo and will be lowered into the sea, with your head and shoulders within a clear air filled dome, your air supply constantly replenished from the scuba tank, enabling you to breathe normally! From this dome you will have a 360 degrees view from which you can admire fishes and other marine flora and fauna. A professional diver will always be nearby to guide towards some key locations and to provide immediate assistance in case of need. Click here to watch some videos of Scuba-Doo at sea. The diver will also be responsible to capture digital photography of your diving experience which will be given to you on CD along with a Video of your Scuba-Doo Adventure.
Scuba-Doo is very maneuverable. At a speed of 2,5 knots you will be able to ride amongst the spectacular underwater world, or remain stationary and observe the abundant fish.
The dive will last for about half hour after which you will be cordially invited for a drink in a very convivial environment for a taste of the genuine Mauritian sense of hospitality.

Very Important!

>>> Unlike sea surface boat tour, underwater activities are very sensible to changes in sea condition such as strong currents, big waves or poor visibility. In one of these circumstances we will  automatically re-schedule the dive
If you want to experience Scuba-Doo dive, better plan it  at the beginning of your holiday in Mauritius. If weather condition is not favourable on your preferred day you will still be able to to re-schedule it for a later date.

>>> Our advice is before you leave your hotel to drive to us, please give us a call or send an sms (phone number will be communicate on booking) to enquire about sea condition. Maybe this will avoid disappointment of driving across the island just to know that your dive is cancell. We hate that as well as you!

>>> Due to management reasons, our priority goes to online booking with several days in advance prior to dive date. Day to day booking is not accepted.

Amenities & Information

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