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Scuba-Doo Dive Conditions

Scuba-Doo operates under strict Mauritian, MSDA and PADI health and safety guidelines and policies for Scuba Diving.
We unfortunately sometimes have to decline customers due to certain pre/existing medical conditions.

  1. The Scuba-Doo adventure is dependent on a medical questionnaire being completed prior to the start of the Safety briefing.
    NO ONE will be allowed to participate UNLESS the medical questionnaire has been completed. For your own safety we need to know if you have or had any conditions listed in our medical form. For any further information on medical conditions please click here. A full copy of our medical statement is available here both in french and english
  2. You MAY NOT dive if you have consumed any alcohol within 8 hrs prior to your dive. Concealment of any condition incompatible with safe diving can put your life or health at risk.

As your Safety is our primary concern, The On duty Dive Instructor/Dive Master has final say over acceptance of any person for ANY of our Diving activities. If, in the opinion of the On duty Dive Instructor/Dive Master, there is any risk of danger to your life, they have the right and authority to refuse your participation.

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